Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Favs Friday

Hello friends.  I have been so sick, so my presence around here this week was light! I missed 2 days of work & dragged myself in on Wed, only to be told by everyone I crossed paths with that I looked terrible & to go home. So I made it a half-day & really shouldn't have gone in in the first place. My doctor threw around the word mono but then said that I should still go to work & to come back to see her next week so...I'm guessing it's not mono?! Anyway, I'm blaming this entire sickness on the elimination/detox diet that I'm on ;) Speaking of which, I am halfway through the 21 days & going strong! 

Hope you have a lovely weekend & hopefully I will be back to my normal healthy self soon. Enjoy this week's favs & feel free to add any links you've found in the comments. 

  1. These super creepy & little known precursors to the famous 1939 Wizard of Oz film.  
  2. This AT clutch. If only I had some extra cash lying around. 
  3. This important info about Google's new policy & how to delete your browsing info. Shame on you Google. Thanks Kat!
  4. This shop for super cute paper products (especially good for Project Life)
  5. This book because even though, I'm only 50 pages in, I'm hooked.


Linda said...

I hope you feel better soon! :(

What's Tiger's Wife about?

Danielle said...

@Linda-Thanks! TW is about a young doctor in search of answers regarding her grandfather's death, set in Croatia. It also weaves magical realism throughout. Highly recommend.

iHanna said...

Thanks. I've deleted my google history for now.

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