Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moments in Photos

The title for this post should have been clouds (and a few other pics for variety).  I could take pics of clouds all day & I'm refraining from filling up my instagram feed with them so that people don't stop following me. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites here.

On the way to work - It ended up
being a sunny afternoon surprisingly

Goodies for purchasing Danielle LaPorte's
The Fire Starter Sessions
Sneak peak of a 52 Weeks of Mail card
A fun stamp
The last page of my 30 Days of Lists
book. You can see the entire book
on my facebook page.
It's my Friday tomorrow! Yay for short work weeks. We'll be celebrating a special someone's birthday on Friday, so that obviously calls for a day off.


Amanda Kasper said...

Did you use a smash journal for your 30 days of lists? I used one for a gift for a friend - i loved scrapbooking in it! xoxoxxx

Danielle said...

@Amanda - Yes, it is a smash book! I have a tiny collection of them; the latest acquisition being an 11 x 13.5 size. I love them too.

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