Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Postcard Swap

Hello All. I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend (if you live in the states). Today, I wanted to share the three postcards I received from the swap I hosted. These are so amazing & beautifully crafted. I had so much fun hosting this, as it was my first, & thank everyone again who participated. You can see the cards I made here and view some of the cards that the other participants made here.



Hope you're having a good week!


linda said...

I love April's elephant.

Danielle said...

Linda - I know! These cards were just incredible.

MissKoolAid said...

I only received 2 postcards but they are beautiful.

Andria said...

Like Sophie, I only received 2, but I sure love them! I was coveting that card by Mary--awesome! Thanks for hosting, Danielle.

Danielle said...

Sophie - I'm so sorry that you only received 2 cards.

Andria - I'm also sorry that you didn't receive all of your cards, but I'm glad to hear that you love them!

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