Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Play Date in My Studio - Product Prototypes

I spent some much needed time in my studio on Sunday, playing around with some product prototypes/designs. These are very rough, first-takes, so to speak, but I wanted to share them & get your feedback. I just got a new toy - the Epic 6 Letterpress & created some different types of cards & calling cards.

Letterpress on washi tape

Plain letterpress
Letterpress on washi tape with tape border
 Here are the calling cards:

The large capital letter is letterpressed. The other letters are stamped.
Again, these are very rough sketches. Please give me your honest (but constructive) feedback. I only want to make & sell quality items & I can't do that without your help. I also know that I have a lot of work to do on my photo-taking skills. M constructed a light box for me, now I just have to get some daylight bulbs & a tripod. Those 2 things alone should help out tremendously.

You can see some of my other creative processes herehere & here. Thanks as always for stopping by!


Linda said...

I like them. The calling cards I know are rough sketches but the off set of the lettering/spacing makes me wonder if it's suppose to be deliberate or was part of the draft process.

I love that you have a studio and put in some time and handwork in perfecting your craft. It's inspiring.

Danielle said...

Linda - thanks for commenting! I agree with you. The spacing is off & that is something that needs to be fixed.

Robin Norgren said...

my favorite of the "Hello" options is the Hello printed on the washi tape; love the look and it seems very unique.

On the calling cards for me it is kind of hard to tell with the lighting on samples. Maybe when you re-take with the lightbox, it will look different.

Danielle said...

Thanks so much Robin. Light box is a priority this weekend!

Cbus Singleton said...

I agree with the comments about the calling cards and spacing (realizing that they are very rough drafts). Is there a way for you to infuse some color on them?

I really like both the "Hello" cards on the washi tape and with the border. Very vibrant and eye-catching. I agree that they are unique. I'm not quite sure I've seen something similar.

Danielle said...

A- I was intentionally going for b&w on those cards but you've given me some great ideas to switch it up some. Thanks!!!

Woz said...

So I'm seeing that the washi tape Hello is going to be a good seller for you. It was my total favorite! I loved the originality of it.

This might be a really ridiculous question but can you explain to me what exactly the calling cards are? Maybe I'm behind the times? :P

Danielle said...

Woz-good question! My intention with the ccs are hearkeng back to a time when people left calling cards to schedule get togethers or for coming by to visit. You could use these to hand out when you wanted to see someone & set up a coffee/brunch/etc date by writing on the back a suggested date & tine or a quick note saying how you miss the person & hope to get together...too old-fashioned?

Woz said...

Oh wow, I love it! I hadn't heard of those before and I love the idea of connecting with an actual card. I miss the days of doing things like that!

Sam said...

Oh, I don't envy your having to take photos of cards...getting white to look white is tricky, but I know you'll figure it out by taking lots of photos!

I like the print with the washi tape too!

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