Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Creative Project: December Daily Album

I wanted to share the last pages of my December Daily album. You can see my other pages here & here. I was really proud of myself for completing it & can't wait to do one next year. It was such a wonderful way to record the month/season & I know that I will cherish these albums in the future. For next time around, I plan on going to a bigger format; possibly to 8x8. The 4x6 was a great beginner size but I did find myself wishing for more space. My apologies & warning in advance for the picture heavy post. 

Days 14 & 15 - Target for some decorations. A coffee date
& the cutest mini snowman candle & candies from my
hair stylist
The ink smeared on this tag. It basically says
I went to Target to get some decorations but they didn't have
the candle lights I wanted. The metal Smith & Hawkens
tag was from a white ceramic pine cone.

Days 15-16. This is the back side of Day 15 & consists of
the cute gift bag those goodies from my hair stylist came in. I love
that she & her mom made the penguin tag.
So creative & cute. And our decorated tree & mantle. 

More decorations. This was one of the times I wished that I had
a larger space to work with so I didn't have so many extra pages.

The lights are staying in my office year round.
Sorry for the bad light quality.
Days 17 & 18 - our first light dusting of snow & a trip to the
North Market with my parents.

Day 19 - a beautiful handmade scarf from my friend
Abby (check out her shop). A handmade card from Kathy &
another card from Monique (all 3 are fellow bloggers I met this
year - lucky me)

Day 20 is a movie theater gift card we received
 from M's Dad & step mom.  
We saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol & The Adventures
of Tin Tin in 3D. Both were very good in different ways.
Days 21 & 22 - It was 55 degrees at 7:30 am. 7:30. A.M.
Definitely not Christmasy weather. Picture of our candle lights
on the night of the winter solstice. 

Day 23 - wrapping presents & packing
them up to take to my parents.
This is the back side of Day 22 & is just some info I printed about
the meaning & origin of the solstice. 

Days 24 & 25. Christmas traditions with my parents & their tree.
From my Dad's side of the family- we always
have New England Clam Chowder on Christmas
 Eve & strawberry shortcake on Christmas morning.

More of my parents' decorations & the cutest picture of my
parents opening one of their gifts from us.

I am so glad I took this & have it documented.
It makes me smile. 
Day 26 & the final pages - More Christmas lights
around Columbus

This holds a few odds & ends I didn't find a place for in
the book but wanted to keep.
And this envelope holds the calendar I used to take notes &
plan my page layouts

Pretty thick huh?

This is the side by side comparison so you can see the 
before & after.

Phew. That was a lot of pictures but you were warned. :) Thanks for your comments, support & encouragement. Now that this is finished, it's on to the next big creative project, which I'll be sharing with you on Fri. Until then...take care & Happy Wednesday.  


Anonymous said...

OMG! I LOVE THIS!!! i'm glad the pom-poms on the card stuck; they kept on falling off when i was making the card until i found better sticky things :)

what a lovely keepsake, danielle!

Linda said...

Now you have a gorgeous record of December 2011!

Danielle said...

@Kathy-Thanks! Your card was so adorable. It hung on my office wall until I finished the album & X-mas was over.
@Linda-I was a little surprised that I stuck w/ it & am so glad that I did. I can't wait to pull it out next year & reminisce.

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