Monday, April 30, 2012

Instagram - April

Oh Instagram - I have a love affair with paper but you come in 2nd. I was so excited when an app for the Droid finally appeared after hearing rumors about it for quite a while. And now, I'm hooked. I thought I would start sharing my pics here, at the end of the month, for those of you who haven't jumped on board yet for whatever reason.  

Hope your week is off to a great start. I am on my 2nd week of doing yoga daily during the week days before work & of starting my Couch-to-5k Running Program. Also back to my elimination/detox "diet" & feeling so good. Big things are happening & will soon be revealed...Thanks as always for stopping by!


Linda said...

Can't wait for the big things to be revealed!

Anonymous said...

couch-to-5K - love it!

today i start insanity. get ready to send out a search party because i'm going to DIE

Danielle said...

@Linda-i won't be a you my dear penal ;)
@Kat-Ohhh I'm curious what you'll think of it. If it lives up to the hype I may just have jump on the bandwagon.

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