Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creative Project: One Little Word (Sept-Oct)

Today I wanted to share September, October & November's One Little Word creative prompts/assignments (for Ali Edwards One Little Word 2012 class)

For September, we were asked to focus on a battle we were fighting and/or one we were surrendering. I chose the latter because at that point in time, I had just given in to accepting that a goal I had been trying to accomplish was just not going to happen. I will share more about that in my 2012 recap post. 

I made a simple 4x6 collage with the word surrender
& below I wrote about why I chose
to surrender a fight

For October's prompt we revisited February's photo assignment to capture nine images that represent our word & choose nine new images, as seen below.

Lastly, this month's assignment was to do some self-reflection using "I" statements about where we are in life right now. Ali provided us with a template to download using statements like: "I believe," "I know," "I love," etc as jumping off points. 

I made mini collages

Tell me what battle are you fighting or surrendering to?

1 comment:

Amanda Kasper said...

Your project beautiful, your wording eloquent.

I am fighting towards acceptance. Acceptance of mind and heart and soul that my dreams and expectations of myself and my goals much change as my body and my limitations have changed. It's hard. So hard.

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