Wednesday, December 5, 2012

52 Weeks of Mail - August - October

52 Weeks of Mail is over & I wanted to share the last 3 months of this year-long project. I really enjoyed making the cards, even though admittedly, some months were harder than others. Both in the motivation & inspiration departments. What I loved the most was hearing from the people who received the cards. Most everyone responded enthusiastically & those that I never heard from...well...I chose to imagine I made their day & focused on all the positive comments I did get.

I will continue to handmake cards but only for special occasions. 52 weeks was a fantastic idea but I am overcommitted on projects as it is. I am forgoing making Christmas cards this year (last year I sent them to immediate family only) & am planning on doing a repeat of New Year's cards.




Tell me, are you sending out Christmas cards this year? 


Joyfulploys said...

Hi Danielle...sounds like your 52 weeks project was a success. I commit to fewer and fewer long term projects because inevitably I don't carry them through. I loved doing the journal round robin...that was a fun project. I haven't sent Christmas cards the past few years...bah, humbug...yep, tha's me. :)

linda said...

I don't send Christmas cards. Maybe in a few years! My relationship with Christmas is in recovery!

I did get a card from a friend (my first this season) that was a pop up card and it popped up to be an intricate snowflake inside of a snowglobe. It was perfect.

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