Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Right Now

Taken in our driveway this morning on my
way to work
Around here lately:

  • Trying to find a sense of balance between my day job & my virtual assistant business. Not sure that balance even exists. At least not in my world. But that doesn't meant I know what else to call it or that I don't strive for some shape or form of it. 
  • Wanting to create more but choosing shadow comforts instead (credit to Jen Louden for that term). Speaking of which, here's a card I made for my parent's 40th anniversary that I never shared:

  • Looking forward to seeing Sheryl WuDunn & America Ferrera tomorrow night. Even better, going with a good friend & getting to catch up. 
  • Loving my boys

Do you believe balance can be achieved? 


kathy @ vodka and soda said...

i do believe balance can be achieved! it takes time to figure it out but i've definitely managed to succeed. there are days when things are wacky but for the most part, i keep things balanced, esp with work. when it's quitting time, i just get up and leave, switch my brain off and switch to "home" mode.

Sarah said...

Balance is tricky -- for me it's never going to happen all in one day, I have to look at it more from a week's or month's view, then things seem a little more even keel. Trying to balance your own business on top of a day job is tough, though!

Woz said...

i agree with sarah -- i don't see balance in a day, but rather over a longer time span. and you know, of course, i'm of the DL school of thought and in general think that balance is a myth. ;)

Linda said...

I think balance can be achieved but if you're anything like me it's something that is continually worked on.

Joyfulploys said...

Hi those pink blossoms...what are those? Cherry, dogwood or other? Awww, and is that your doggie? He's so cute! Cute photo of the two of you, too! I don't know about balance...I agree with Linda, it's an ongoing process.

Shanan Bunzendahl said...

I find it to be yet another of those "easier said than done" things in takes ongoing focus and discipline to get there. My biggest struggle is with saying "no" to people and I get overloaded/out of balance. Balance is a choice we make and I agree with everyone else - definitely a process.

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